[Important]: Presentation Guidelines for Final Day of Class (12.6)


Our last class is upon us! Here’s what you’ll need to do for Tuesday’s in-progress presentations / workshop sessions:

—Be prepared to give a brief overview of your book, paying special attention to its central argument.

—Give a general overview of how your group is collectively remediating the book’s argument and/or subarguments. What’s your approach here?

—Identify and explain who the audience is for your series of deliverables.

—Finally, each group member should explain their artifact: what it is, why you made it, how it remediates the book’s argument, and how it fits in with your group’s vision.

We’ll be spending about 15m per group. Your group presentations should each be ~10m, and then we’ll have ~5m for feedback. Be sure to arrive early if you need to set up tech, load files, touch base with your group, etc.

And just a final reminder from the project assignment sheet:

Note: It is acceptable if your artifacts are not 100% complete by this final class session or if you’re still thinking through ideas here. It is not, however, acceptable to come to this session without an artifact, or to show up without a substantial part of a works-in-progress artifact that you can share and talk about. If you have questions as to what this looks like, feel free to ask me.


In addition to the in-class feedback you all will receive, I’ll also be providing some brief written feedback for your group that you can use for final project revisions. I’ll do my best to get those comments to you in the days following our final class session.

Let me know if you have any questions about what I’m looking for here. Thanks for all your hard work here!


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