Remediating Theory: Project Proposal

Hope you’re all having a good first day of break!

Just a reminder that your final remediating theory project proposal is due at 5.00p on Friday, November 25. Below is a general reminder from the assignment sheet:

On the whole, you should tell me your tentative plan for the project, including a description of the media you’re going to be using and how said media will represent the theoretical ideas of your scholarship. You are also required to include a brief section describing how your artifacts work together to represent your book.

In particular, here are the items you’ll need to address in your group proposal:

—What is the central argument of your text of choice? Articulate it simply but with necessary nuance.

—What are two pertinent subarguments of your text? Choose your battles as necessary by identifying key subclaims.

—Explain how your group will, collectively, remediate your text.

—Provide a brief description of each of your group’s artifacts: what media and how each one will work to remediate your text.

Per the project description: “Feel free to write this document collaboratively. I only need one proposal per group, so just be sure that someone in your group posts this document on their WAM blog.”

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!



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