Blog Post #10: Playing Twine Games (11.1)

Writing superstars—

For this blog post, I want you to play two different genres of Twine games. What’s a genre, you say? One common take on genre is “a category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter.”

In your writing, then, do these things / answer these questions:

(a) Provide a brief summary of each game.

(b) Contrast the structures of each game. Possible ways to answer this question include: “How do you as a player progress through each game?”; “What’s the goal of each game?”; “How do you win / lose at each game?”; “How do the features and/or narrative of each game make an argument?; “What elements of procedural rhetoric are present in this game?” Keep in mind that these are just suggestions to get you started. You can answer this question however you see fit so long as it’s addressing game structure.

(c) How do these games help you think about the structure and design of your own game? To rephrase this question, how will you apply (or not apply) concepts / ideas / structures from these Twine games to your own project?

400 words by the beginning of class on Tuesday, 11.1.


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  1. Logan M says:

    Here are some additional genres of Twine games, as explained in this Gamasutra article (scroll to the bottom):


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