Blog Post #9.5: Twine Video Game Proposal

Much like the video documentary proposal, I’m looking for you to turn in a similar proposal for your Twine projects. Please answer these questions and post on your blog by 5p on Saturday, Oct. 29. Only one person from your group has to post the proposal, but be sure to work together on this document. 500 words.

1.) What’s the subject matter for your video game? (Another way of thinking through this or answering this question is, “What critical question do you want to explore through your game?”) 

2.) What’s your tentative argument at the moment? Or, what sort of argument would you like to make through your video game?

3.) Who’s the audience for this Twine project?

4.) What problems do you anticipate in charting out, designing, and/or creating this project? How do you plan on getting around these issues?


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  1. Logan M says:

    Discuss with a partner

    (a) What’s hypertext in the context of this page? What’s conditional logic?

    (b) What’s this have to do with our readings and discussions of video games so far? (Procedural rhetoric, player choice, narrative, etc.)

    (c) The term “video game” isn’t even mentioned on this page. Would you say interactive fiction, the genre Twine produces, is a video game? And if so, why don’t “Choose-your-own-Adventure” books count as video games?


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